4 Summer Roofing Problems

What do you mean, Summer Roofing Problems?

It’s nearly that time once again. That’s right, Summer is almost here! The sun, the warmth, the roofing problems? When people think of issues with their roofs, they often think of problems during the Winter. The cold and the rain can wreck havoc on roofs that haven’t been well maintained. Unfortunately, even Summertime has it’s own set of roofing problems.

4 Most Common Summer Roofing Problems

Moss and Algae Growth

While some people consider moss and algae growing on their roof to be a ‘cosmetic’ issues, rather than a real problem, it doesn’t make it true.Summer Roof Problems Mossy Roof The Summer heat and humidity here in Texas encourages the moss and algae to grow quickly, and to trip moisture against your roof. If left for too long, the moisture can weaken your shingles.

Improper Ventilation

Once again, the heat and humidity of Texas poses a threat to your roof. If your attic isn’t properly ventilated, moisture and humidity causes the roof to weaken, and cuts down the lifespan dramatically.

UV Rays and Heat

During a Texas summer, the sun is everyone’s worst enemy, and your roof isn’t any different. The constant high heat, coupled with the intense UV rays, beat down on the shingles on your roof, drying them out and causing them to break and crack.Roof replacement cracked shingles


To be fair, the weather is going to effect your roof no matter what the season, but a Texas Summer can be tough on your roof. As everyone who lives along the coast can tell you, Summer kicks off hurricane season. High wind storms, bringing stinging sharp rain can be hard on your roof.

If your roof is suffering from one of these summer roofing problem, call Tycoon Home Solutions! We can fix your roof as quickly as possible. Contact us for a quote today!