7 Gutter Issues That Break The Bank

Is Your Mind On Your Gutter?

How much attention do you really pay to your gutters? Are they just there, doing their job? Or do you take a more invested approach and check them regularly. If you don’t, then you really should. Rain gutters are usually the number one mechanical reason that your home deteriorates. Tycoon Home Solutions is aware of the three main problems that affect you, and can do any number of gutter repair jobs.

Poor Design – The gutters that are installed on your home have some kind of defect that wasn’t caught before the installation. This can cause big problems down the line.

Defective Installation – The gutters weren’t properly installed, and are causing issues. Maybe the splash pad isn’t in the right space, or you’re missing flashing at your eaves.

Poor Maintenance – Gutters don’t clean,and are for themselves. If you don’t keep up with your gutter, they will fail you when you need them most.

7 Gutter Problems

  1.  Clogged Gutters

    – When your gutters are clogged, water often stands and turns stagnate. Anyone that has Clogged Gutters Gutter repairlived in the Greater Houston Area knows that standing water leads to mosquitoes, and no one likes those bloodsucking pests. It can also result in rusting, roof damage, foundation damage, and roof support damage. The potential repair costs range from $3000-$100,000 depending on what was damaged.

  2.   Missing Drains and Splash Block

    – Gutters are made to pull water away from your home, so what happens if the water just collects around your home’s foundation? You end up with mold and mildew, dry rot, as well as issues with your foundation. Older homes usually have splash pads, while newer homes usually have drains built in. If your home is missing on of these items, the costs of repair can be anywhere from $5000 to $40,000.

  3.  No Flashing at the Eaves

    – This is a very common problem, surprisingly. The flashing is supposed to No Flashing Gutter Repairprotect the bare wood of the eaves, dry rot, termites, and roof rot become serious issues. It can cost anywhere from $500 to $10,000 to fix this common gutter problem.

  4. Defective Pitch

    – This poses a similar problem to clogged gutters. Defective pitch keeps the water from flowing to the downspouts. This leads to the same issues at clogged gutters, but the gutter repair costs are around $500 to $10,000.

  5. Improper Downspout Placement

    – This is all human error. It can either mean your downspouts are in a bad location, or you don’t have enough to meet your house’s needs. This can lead to overflow, rust, erosion, bugs, foundation and roofing damage.  Gutter repairs costs between $500-$10,000.

  6.  Overgrown Gutters

    – When trees and shrubs grow close to your roof, you can run into serious problems. AsOvergrown Gutter Gutter Repair the plants grow into the gutters, they can often pull the gutter right off of the house. In less serious cases although, the plants simply clog the gutters and downspouts. Overgrown gutters lead to gutter, roof, structural, and foundation damage. Potential repairs can cost between $2000-$12,000.

  7.  Damaged Gutters

    – This is pretty self explanatory. Damages gutters are already a problem in of itself. How is it going to function when it’s damaged? Damaged gutters can lead to erosion, dry rot, foundation damage, landscaping damage, mold, and possible structural damage. Repair costs range between $2000-$40,000.