7 Roofing Problems You Should Know

Cracked ShinglesRoofing problems cracked shingles

If you're experiencing cracked shingles, it means the granules are in the process of wearing off of your roofs shingles. This usually makes them extremely brittle and prone to breakage. Asphalt shingles don't like being exposed to direct sunlight, and extreme heat; the granules are supposed to provide a layer of protection for your shingles. When you get cracked shingles, it means it's time to replace them.

Gutters are Filled with Granules and Washout 

When your gutters are filling up with granules and washout, it means you have another issue with your shingles. As we mentioned before, the granules are meant to protect your shingles from the elements, but they can wash off with heavy rains. Don't be alarmed if you see a few granules every now and then; it's normal for some to wash off. If you see a large amount every rain fall, though, it may be time to check the shingles out. This is also a sign that the shingles have reached the end of their lifetime and need to be replaced.

Roofing problems Ceiling stains Ceiling Water Spots

A leaking roof is pretty hard to ignore. Water spots, and bulges, on the ceiling can be easy to spot, but finding the leak can be a bit more difficult to locate, depending on the size. Large leaks can be easy to spot, but the smaller ones can be a bit more difficult. Leaks don't always drip straight down, either. 

Exterior Wall Water Spots

If you're seeing water spots on the outside walls or your home, or business, the likely culprit is lose, rusted, or damaged step flashing. Replacing step flashing can be tough, because it has to integrate with the roof and adjacent siding, so roofing skills are needed to tackle this job and stop the leak.

Cupping Shingles

When your shingles get to the end of their lifetime, they tend to start cupping. The corners will turn up, and they can often start to look wavy in appearance. If you have an attic and it isn't properly vented, it can make the problem much worse. Either way, cupping shingles are yet another sign that it's time to replace them.

Missing ShinglesRoofing Problems Missing Shingles

There are two common causes of missing shingles: animal  damage, and damaged sealant strips. Animals, like raccoons, squirrels, and opossums can cause some major damage to your shingles. Tree branches offer a pathway to your roof for the critters to cross. An easy way to fix that is to just trim tree branches back away from your roof. Damaged sealant is an issue as well. Shingles rely on their overlapping pattern to keep water out. Missing shingles should be replaced in a timely manner to prevent even further damage from occurring.

Black Roof Stains

Ugly black stains on your roof usually means you have algae growing on your shingles. While this won't lead to structural damage to your roof, most people have issues with the aesthetic damage done. Power washing the shingles clean is highly discouraged. It can lead to premature stripping of the granules from the shingles. There are, however, algae resistant shingles available. 

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