Ponding Water On Your Roof?

Ponding Water Poses A BIG Problem

What is ponding water?

Ponding occurs when water sits on a portion of your roof for more than 48 hours at a time. This is usually a problem with flat roofs, or roofs that have improper drainage systems.

What problems does it cause?

More that a few issues can be caused by ponding water left unattended on your roof. 

  • Deformation of the deck structure: Ponding can substantially increase the load on roof decks. As water accumulates, Ponding Water and plant growthdeck deflections can increase,adding more water which further threatens the roof's structure.
  • The growth of algae and vegetation: When water stands for a period of time, algae and vegetation growth often occurs, and may cause damage to the roof membrane. Not only that, but plant life and other debris can cause clogs, which can lead to additional ponding.
  • Accumulation of dirt, debris and other contaminants: These elements often affect the membrane, and cause great amounts of damage.


How easy are repairs?

In some cases, fixing the problem can be as simple as cleaning the gutters and drains attached to your roof. Other times, though, a Ponding water near an A/C unitprofessional is needed to fix your problem. Tycoon Home Solution can help you with that, no problem!

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