Roof Maintenance Tips: 7 Easy Tips

When it comes to your home, your roof is an important part of your house. It keeps you sheltered and offers a chance at warmth and rest. So, when you’re roof is experiencing issues, they’re usually not something that can brushed offroofs repairs pool view until later. If you use these roof maintenance tips from Tycoon Home Solution, though, you can improve the lifespan of your roof!

7 Roof Maintenance Tips

  1. Inspect Your Gutters – People are always surprised at how important gutters are when it comes to the health of your roof. Be sure to check, and clean, your gutters every spring and fall.
  2. Look for Worn Shingles – Worn, broken, and missing shingles put your roof in danger. Be sure to regularly check for, and replace any damaged shingles.
  3. Check for Fungus or Algae – Fungus and algae can often be a simple cosmetic issue, but they can be warning signs of more serious problems down the line.
  4. Inspect for Visible Rust – If rust is present, simply wire brush it off, prime, and then paint the affected area.
  5. Seal any Cracked Mortar/Caulking around Chimneys –  Be sure to seal any failing mortar or caulking to keep moisture out of delicate areas.
  6. Remove any Debris – Don’t forget to regularly sweep, or blow off, any debris cluttering your roof. Larger fallen debris offers a place for fungus, algae, and mold to grow.
  7. Trip Nearby Trees – If there are any trees near your home, be sure to trim the branches so they don’t scratch and claw at your roof.

If you ever need any assistance with executing any of Tycoon Home Solution’s roof maintenance tips, call us! We can handle any roof maintenance, or repairs needed. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!