Roof Replacement: 5 Signs That It’s Time

When Do I Need A Roof Replacement?

A roof replacement isn’t always caused by some outside trauma to your roof. Sometimes, it’s just as simple as natural wear and tear. If your roof seems to be experiencing any of these 7 ¬†problems, then it may be time to replace your roof. While a few of these conditions may not seem like a huge deal, resolving them now, rather than later, can save thousands of dollars in repairs down the line.

Bald Shingles

When it comes to asphalt shingles, there are a layer of granules that protect the shingle. Over the years, the weather will work to strip the granules from the shingles. Unfortunately, when this happens the shingles are prone to break, crack, and curl.

Cracked or Curling ShinglesRoof replacement cracked shingles

If you’re experiencing cracked, or even curling, shingles it’s a good sign that your roof’s lifespan is drawing to an end. Broken and misshapen shingles do nothing to protect your roof. Depending on the weather and climate around your home can affect how quickly your shingles warp or break. While you can put this off until more and more shingles are damaged, it’s best to replace them sooner rather than later.

Moss Growth

At first glance, moss may seem like a cosmetic issue only. Most people think that a little moss growing on their roof isn’t any big deal. It can, however, turn into a big deal fairly quickly. The constant moisture that is held against the roof due to the moss can cause the protective shingle granules to fall off. Missing granules can cause shingles to break and expose the roof to the outside elements.

rooftop replacement houstonNeighbors are Replacing Their Roofs

If you notice your neighbors are doing a roof replacement, it’s probably a good idea to replace yours as well. Surrounding houses are usually built around the same time, and are exposed to the same climate. If your neighbors are needing to replace their roofs due to age, rather than outside damage, it’s a good chance that yours needs to be replaced as well.

Your Roof’s Age

If your roof is over 20 years old, it’s time for a roof replacement. It’s true that most shingles these days are built to last, but nothing lasts forever. You could hold out on replacing your roof until there is physical damage to the roof. On the other hand, though, you can save money by replacing it before severe damage is done.

Whatever the reason is, Tycoon Home Solutions can help with your next roof replacement. All of our teams are highly experience, and use only the best materials and equipment. Contact us today for a quote!